When you combine creativity, a love for people, a skinny white kid (Coby Colley) and a huge black dude (Coleman Maxwell)...and throw in a late night on the back porch sipping Dr. never know what you might come up with. In our case it was supermadcrazyhype clothing co. The BIG IDEA was that we would start a shirt company that could accomplish 2 things:
1. Provide you with your next favorite t-shirt.
2. Use a portion of the proceeds to help provide a way for inner city kids to go to a Christian Sports Camp called Kids Across America...located in Branson, MO.

Pretty simple right?

We do all of our own screen printing & designs and we only print on high-quality tees that you will love. Again, our goal is that your SMCH shirt will quickly become your fav in your collection...

The company is located in Lubbock, Texas.

On the first day we launched the site we sold our first 7 shirts in 7 different states!
We are in the process of spreading the word and coming up with more designs to add to our existing 12 that are available now. Be sure to like us on facebook for exclusive offers and discounts.

Check out the FAQs for more info and answers to your questions.

If you are curious about the organization we support, check out KAA - Kids Across America in this video.


1. What is the story behind the name of the company?
"Super Mad Crazy Hype, Super Mad Crazy Hype, Super Mad Crazy Hype" is a chant heard throughout the Summer at KAA Kamp and it is the inspiration behind this company. The name embodies not only the persona of the company, but the hope given to inner city kids through KAA Kamps.

2. Who prints your shirts for you?
We print all of our shirts ourselves. Coby Colley (co-founder) has been doing screen printing since 2003. We have a fully functional shop with an auto-matic press. This allows us to keep costs down while providing a high-quality product. These savings get passed on to you and allows us to provide more support for our partner KAA.

3. How fast will I receive my shirt after placing an order?
Your shirt will be shipped within 3 days of placing the order (usually sooner) so you should receive it within 1 week. If there is a delay for some reason we will let you know.

4. I heard somewhere that I could sell SMCH shirts at my event - true?
Absolutely. We would love to have the opportunity to set up a merch table at your event.

5. Is this company really owned by Rob & Big?
Yes & No. We are the new & improved Rob & Big of West Texas. [Pictures would explain a lot here.]

6. Do you do exchanges if my shirt doesn't fit?
Let us know if you have any problems at all with your shirt and we'll make it work. pinky promise.

7. Do you have plans to sell other apparel besides T-Shirts?
We are always open to got any?

8. How can I help you promote your company?
We are still in the initial stages of getting the word any shout outs on FB or Twitter are much appreciated. It might even get you free stuff...especially if you like us on fb.

9. What is the connection with KAA?
We want this business to be more than a business. Coleman Maxwell (co-founder) has been heavily involved at KAA since 2008. A portion of the proceeds from each shirt will go towards providing a scholarship for a summer camper. For more info about KAA - check out their site at We hope to provide several scholarships even for the Summer of 2012. Help us out by buying a shirt!

10. Can you buy these shirts in a store or only online?
Right now they are only available online, but we would love to get these shirts in stores as well. If you live in the Lubbock, Tx area and want a shirt w/o paying shipping we can arrange that also. We may do a 'launch party' soon as well where you will be able to buy on the spot!

11. Why is Dr. Pepper so good?
It continues to be a mystery...